is a creative consultancy. 
We care a great deal about
wellbeing, modernity & joy. 
let's make future an exciting place.
is not a straight line. We aim to drive businesses to new success by innovation. We invite you to embark on this journey: We investigate with curiosity and design with vigor, to ensure the result will have a long-lasting impact. We work with specialists globally based on project needs. We believe in something called a common sense. If you feel the same, let’s talk. Thank you for stopping by. 
We started our professional journey at a world-renowned design studio in California and Munich, then established LYNINC in 2019 in metropolis Shanghai. Together with our team in Southern Germany, we have more than 20 years of experience helping brands innovate their product offerings. Our services cover Branding Strategy, Industrial Design, CMF, Spatial Experience Design. Working with specialists across timezones and industries, we are an international community who are passionate about design and the longevity of the relationships with our clients and partners. Awards received: Red Dot, iF, Focus Open.
创始人分别在洛杉矶和慕尼黑的顶尖设计公司深耕创意领域,于2019年在上海成立LYNINC。现与在德国南部的团队一起,我们拥有超过20年的经验,帮助国际知名品牌及初创企业创新策略和产品。我们的服务涵盖品牌战略、工业设计、CMF、空间体验设计。我们与跨时区和跨行业的专家合作,对设计充满热情,是一个深度重视发展客户及合作伙伴的长久持续关系的国际合作社团。作品曾获Red Dot, iF, Focus Open 等德国大奖。