MACRO, 2021
Our take is to transform the brand's traditional character and rid aged sentiments by creating a new identity of a digital future. Each furniture island serves as a uniform background to various best-selling products.​​​​​​​
The story is about starting a new chapter in its milestone, lining up its best and its thirty-year journey. Rotational thematic exhibitions provide inspiration and motivation to its customers and employees daily.
project info

Name: Macro Industrial Park HQ
Client: Macro China
Type: Commercial Workplace Design
Concept: Echo Kao, Tim Hinderhofer
Development: Echo, Tim, Sergey, Kasia, Maciek, Yancy
Management: Echo Kao
Location: Shunde, Guangdong, China
Area: 13,000 SQM
Completion: 2021
Photography: Dirk Weiblen